Images and symbols in Mind Maps

I think all will agree that mind map is visual expression of your radial thinking. Deep in your mind there are huge amounts of information, symbols and data stored. All are interconnected to each other and you start to explore all these connections by recording it on a sheet of paper. You create mirror of your mind, you can see much clearer what is going on inside your head. And you need to be effective when recording the information (which is sometimes very complicated) on the paper. Now let’s focus on “being effective” here.

Why MLM is good by Kiyosaki

Mind Map recording notes from first chapter of R. Kiyosaki’s book – The School of Business
– Why MLM is good for you.
Look how the basic principles of creating effective symbols
and notes in mind map are employed here.
Created by Michal Splho

We think in images. An image is worth of a thousand words. This gives your mind map a powerful tool. Few images drawn on the branches of your mind map can express content for which you would need several sheets of paper filled with text. You can condense thousands of words into image / symbol which stands for certain things. And some symbols can have many different meanings to different people. To figure out a proper image / symbol expressions is a thing you need to learn and practice daily.

Tony Buzan in his book about Mind Mapping recommends starting first mind maps without any words. Pick a theme (your work, your friends etc) and create a mind map using only images / symbols, starting with the central image. This exercise is excellent and you will see how much you will enjoy it. How many associations will appear from nowhere. Some very surprising to you.

Quite often you face the difficulty to express a word in a symbol / image. Some words look to be impossible to express as an image. So try to create image from the font used in the word. Add features as brick structure, exaggerate certain parts, add an animals or things associated to the word. Make a fun of it. Enjoy it. Add impossible associations. Connect unusual things. Make use of your fantasy and imagination.

As a second step you can start to add a keywords and combine the keywords with images. That is easy part to do. Special focus has to be made to create some structure / hierarchy of the keywords relevant to the topic.

Than you have to learn using colors. Colors play important role in mind mapping. Each branch has to be in different color. Central image should consist of 2 – 3 colors. Other images / symbols can have more colors. Use gradation in using the color as you deal with branches more distant from the central branches.

Use different size for keywords. Keywords on central branches should be in capitals, have large size, could be illustrated and in 3D perspective. As you go further to more distant branches you use smaller and smaller font size, use lower case. Learn to employ the dynamics of different sizes, font types, etc.

I believe this will give you a clue how to make your mind map outstanding and easy to remember. Practice makes master. Concentrate to employ your imagination for creating the images / symbols. Your potential is limitless. Maybe it does not look so at first time. Once you delve deeper into the process and trigger your imagination power you will be surprised how easy the new ideas for images will come.

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