Complete set of your mental tools

With Mind Mapping you discover quite soon that the capacity of human brain is unlimited. And if you have on your neck a brain which is unlimited, you are unlimited. Mind Mapping helps you develop and increase the capacity which you are able to use in everyday’s life. Mind Mapping is actually one of the most excellent ways to change your slow steam engine into machine working at the speed of light. For that reason it is best to learn to use the complete set of your mental tools.

Mind Map of this post featuring whole set of mental tools created by Michal Splho

Let’s look back into history. Studying notes of Leonardo da Vinci, Darwin, Faraday or Einstein we can learn several important things.

First: make notes. What more – make notes continuously and constantly. If you don’t have it then develop new habit of making the notes all the time. All the big brains did it. They thought in drawings and images they incorporated into notes created in each possible moment. You do the same.

Second: use complete set of your mental tools. The quality of notes can be judged according the scope of mental tools used in the notes. Here is a short overview:
– words / keywords
– symbols
– succession
– lists
– linearity
– analysis
– associations
– visual rhythm
– numbers
– illustraitons
– perspective
– gestalt

To learn in detail about it you have to check The Mind Map Book written by Tony Buzan. You will find excellent definitions and explanation about the mental tools you can use in your notes. I would not make it better ;-) But don’t forget – practice makes master. Learn to use all mental tools in your notes.

Third: make the notes in the form of Mind Maps. This will open incredible possibilities for you. Learn to structure your thoughts into hierarchy and categories. As a first step you decide a principles of sorting out information. These are kind of key concepts. Plentiful other concepts can be assorted within their scope. As a result you end up with well-arranged notes / Mind Map which covers all the most important information you need to remember.

I believe that during regularly practicing taking a notes in the form of Mind Maps – using whole set of mental tools – you will soon sense the response of your brain. New associations will appear just from nowhere. New ideas generated you would not even dream about become daily reality to you. Solutions to your problems will be right at hand. Intuition / sixth sense suddenly becomes present in your creative thinking and note taking. Your brain will give you more possibilities and so will your life. Do I have to continue?

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