Why using Mind Maps?

I get amazing questions when talking to people about Mind Maps. One of the most amazing and strangest at the same time is: OK, but why would I need that? I get this question – which actually equals to indifference – from people whom I would expect to show more open attitude towards new things – people involved in business. I alone have a business and that’s why the question causes me a little surprise.

For that reason I had to review and reconsider so many times the reasons WHY Mind Maps. To form a practical, clear and short answer to tell everybody who asks. So WHY? Because I know that well running business needs a tool improving important areas of business which consequently improves and boosts up any business performance. A good business has to have that. It is important for a good business. That tool is Mind Map ;-)

Why use Mind Mapping


Why Mind Maps – overview of reasons why to learn and do Mind Mapping
created by Michal Splho

Surely there are variety of uses. Student may use Mind Mapping differently than businessman or scientist. But there are particular basics which overlap to all areas of use. And I have found that use of the Mind Maps in business is essential if a business owner wants to keep up with the beat of time and stay updated and organized and effective and… There are lot of reasons to tell ;-)

Let’s look at few basic ones and let’s look at Mind Maps from the businessman point of view. If you are in business and wish to keep good performance you want to organize all the presentations, meetings, management, brainstormings effectively and most of all you need to generate new ideas. How are you going to plan the events? To connect differently thinking people who come with completely different ideas? How are you going to manage teamwork, new strategy, communication, plans? How are you going to use the most of the potential which your employees have deep in their minds? How are you going to plan and execute effective and breathtaking presentations you have to perform at meetings with your customers or business partners? Do you need it all? Sure you do. For that reason you want to learn Mind Mapping. This is the tool you need to get the things done.

As a businessman you surely have a moment when you have to make important decisions. Whether you have to set priorities or needs, recognize limits of your business or market, or just simply make a choice between better / worse, more effective / less effective, Mind Maps offer you excellent solution to make your decisions quickly and effectively.

How about creativity? Is there a place for uppercase CREATIVITY in your company? If your answer is yes, then you need to generate new ideas, concepts and perspectives on daily bases. And then develop them and work with them. Your employees have inner power of limitless potential. To use it whole – you definitely need Mind Mapping in your company.

How about your brain and the brain of your employees? Do you need to keep it healthy, active? Do you need to take care of it? Train it? What kind of employees bring improvement into your company? The ones with average brain performance or the ones who take care of their brain and its performance? Then it is clear – you have to learn them Mind Mapping and use it daily in your company.

Do I need to write more? I think it is clear that if you wish to over perform the competition on the market the best investment you can do as a businessman is to learn Mind Mapping and establish it as a most important tool at your company.

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