Questions to start a Mind Map

Surely many of you experimented with creating the Mind Maps. Sometimes it it not easy just start. You have your problem, you search for solution, but the thoughts are scattered and too vague to extract reasonable keywords. What then? Ask the 6 basic questions that help you to create basic structure of your Mind Map!

Co-Working Space

Mind Map created by Michal Splho researching the Co-working space idea 

In the image above you can see how I used these questions to get a basic structure for understanding the idea of co-working space. It was just a phenomenon I was interested in at one point and I gave it a thought. To make a clear and simple scheme of it I decided to record all available information into Mind Map. The information I got were abundant, I just lost control of what I am really reading. I decided to start with 6 questions and I sorted the information according the questions and quite easily I got simple and clear structure. Now it was easy to comprehend the content and retain it for future use deep inside my brain.

I guess you try to figure out the 6 questions. Here they are:

  • WHAT
  • HOW
  • WHEN
  • WHO
  • WHY

I think you will easily find your way how to elaborate around these questions and which information will become important for you to record in your Mind Map. Make them the main keywords radiating from the central image and make other branches sprout from them. You can use these questions in many ways. In your creativity sessions, decision making, notes taking, study, business management, creative writing… You try and see ;-)

If you wish to learn more about Mind Mapping, or get a software so that you can create Mind Maps on your computer, visit these links: