Creative thinking

That sounds as quite a hot theme to write about. It is demanded everywhere you go. You apply for a job – they examine your skill in creative thinking. You have a job, you are demanded to proof yourself up to be at the peak of your potential. You run your own business – it is the only way to stand out of the crowd. Your work is in a creative field – you suck if you do not use it.

Mind Map of CreativeThinking

Mind Map of Creative Thinking based on a chapter from Tony Buzan’s Mind Map Book
created by Michal Splho

But what actually is the creative thinking? In short it is ability to generate new ideas. Mostly out of old or available ones. Most extensive research in the field was made by E. P. Torrance. You definitely want to have a look into his books dealing with that issue. According to him the most important factors of creative thinking are:

  • flexibility
  • ability to create new associations from old or available thoughts
  • combination of unusual elements
  • connecting / re-arranging of existing ideas
  • reconsidering / turning upside down of old thoughts

And you want to experiment with it a lot if you wish to find a solution to your problem, to generate a new ideas for moving forward with your project whatever it may be. You want to explore all creative possibilities relevant to the topic. This way you can make an unexpectedly big step into new level where you see the things from completely new point of view. You can discover new steps and actions you can do to achieve your goals.

And one of the greatest help here are Mind Maps. Definitely you can speed up the process tremendously by structuring and recording all your thoughts and ideas into large initial Mind Map which you can rework, recreate and change several times. Step by step you get final Mind Map where you can easily figure out the solution you are searching for.

I believe that The Mind Map Book written by Tony Buzan may be of a great help to you if you wish to grasp the Mind Mapping technique fully. I have learned there all my skills in recording the stream of my creative thought into clear and easy to remember Mind Map.

If you feel you might use Mind Mapping in your creative thinking meetings in your work group or business, it is worthy to consider downloading  iMindMap software which gives you amazing freedom and possibilities. For more flexibility there is available a software you can download into your iPad or iPhone and have it all the time with you – ready to use.